A cycle class for the Alcan Rally?

Yes we've been persuaded that the time has come for this idea, and "North America needs such an event" (to quote our first entrant).  Full regulations may be found elsewhere, but here are some basics.

1) This is not a Gold Wing or Harley tour.  The 4300 mile route may include up to 500 miles of gravel, including a 150 mile section up the Liard Highway toward Yellowknife (this road has improved a lot since 1987, but the gravel that year ripped the fuel line off a new Audi 5000 Quattro). The expected field will likely be dual-sport bikes like the KLR650 and BMW 650GS popular for "Adventure Touring".

2) You don't need (and can't bring) a service crew.  We've long considered the Alcan Rally a 'level playing field', where factory teams have to rely on the same resources as private ones.  We will provide a dedicated support crew, trailer, and limited parts transport for the cycle class, but entrants will primarily rely on their own abilities. We've considered the possibility of providing transport for a spouse or second team member to allow a cycle to be 'shared', but that would involve additional expense.

3) Yes, we're legitimate.  The Alcan Rally began in 1984 and has now been conducted 14 times (check some of the story links).  If we say there will be an event it's going to happen, and we wouldn't add this class if it couldn't be done right.

4) Do we know cycles?  My personal experience is limited (our stable includes a Honda XR50, Honda 200 Reflex and Kawasaki ZL600) but we have good advisors:

5) Will we prerun the event with motorcycles?  A course survey was performed in August of 2001.  John Alkema, Dyrck McClellan, and Jerry Hines drove the entire route in a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo, carrying a motorcycle to prerun gravel sections.

6) Can you rent a cycle rather than ship your own?  Yes!  We spent time during course survey  with Jamie Gleason, who operates Arctic Motorcycle Tours and Rentals in Whitehorse.  Jamie has Kawasaki KLR 650's available for Alcan at a rate of $150/day in Canadian dollars (about $100 US).  UPDATE (March 2002):  Jamie will participate in the 2002 Alcan as our primary cycle support vehicle.  Jamie and Dyrck McClellan will drive Jamie's Chev 4x4 crew cab truck, with a special 8x16 twin axle trailer featuring a 90 gallon fuel tank.   As he's attending anyway, he will deliver and return rental cycles at no cost.

Hope you can join us!


Jerry Hines