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2018 Alcan 5000
August 20 - 28, "More back roads!"
Kirkland to Fairbanks via the Blackwater, Cassiar, Klondike, Top of the World, Richardson and Denali
Highways.  Options include Telegraph Creek plus the North Canol, Dempster, Edgerton and Dalton.
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The Spell of the Alcan
by Adrian Crane
The 1984 Alcan 5000 Rally had 23 entries, and at 4,700 miles was the longest rally yet conducted in North America. The longest Alcan so far was 6,300 miles, in February 1990
A competitive adventure that rewards experience, good judgement, consistency, reliability and rescourcefulness.  A "level playing field" where private & factory teams compete on even terms. Over 90% of the route is scenic touring, scoring is in short "regularity" sections with equal penalty for early or late arrival.
Alcan pursues the original idea of rallying as a grand tour, motoring adventure, and gentleman's sport.  Historic examples include the Monte Carlo [1911], Mille Miglia [1911], and RAC [1932].
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2016 Alcan Winter Rally
February 25 - March 4
This SpotWalla GPS mapshowed vehicle progress
A sweeping tour of the Great North, with Anchorage finish just before Iditarod.  Stops included Grimshaw, Yellowknife, 
Whitehorse & Fairbanks, plus ice roads and ice slaloms   Also the 28th anniversary of our first winter Alcan in 1988.
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The Spell of the 
Alcan- Adrian Crane
How to stay alive on a
winter rally - John Fouse
2014 Alcan 5000
August 18-26, Alcan's 30th anniversary!
Kirkland to Anchorage via the Blackwater, North Canol, Klondike, Top of the World, Dalton and Denali
Highways. Included "costal" towns like Hyder, Telegraph Creek, Skagway, Valdez, plus two nights in Fairbanks
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2012 Alcan Winter Rally
February 23 - March 2, "Dawson, Tuktoyaktuk and Valdez!"
A tour of northern contrasts, including ice roads and ice slaloms
2012 marked the 24th anniversary of the first winter Alcan in 1988
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How to stay alive on a
winter rally - J Fouse
2010 Alcan 5000
August 16-24, "North Canol again!"
A grand tour of the North, including dual-sport cycles. The start was in Kirkland, finish in Anchorage. 
2010's route included Blackwater, North Canol, Dempster, Top of the World, and Denali Highways. 
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2008 Alcan Winter Rally
February 17-26, "More ice roads!"
This will focus on the far North, including 240 miles of NWT ice roads plus the usual ice slaloms
2008 was Alcan's 24th anniversary, and 20th anniversary of the first winter Alcan
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and weather
How to stay alive on a 
winter rally - John Fouse
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2006 Alcan 5000
August 14-22, "The North Canol"
A grand tour of the North, including dual-sport cycles for the 3rd time. 2006 started in Kirkland and finished in Anchorage, with 2 nights in Dawson City plus the North Canol, Dempster, Top of the World, and Denali Highways. 
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2004 Alcan Winter Rally
February 18-26
To Inuvik for the first time since 1994, and Tuktoyaktuk the first time ever.  Other stops included Whitehorse, Dawson, Fairbanks, and Anchorage.
Final scores & reports
Itinerary, Regulations, and Entry list
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2004 Alcan 5000
August 18-26
An anniversary tour, with special classes for motorcycles and "vintage" vehicles.  Like the 2002 Alcan, but less miles and more side trips. 
Itinerary and Final Scores
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Entry form and FAQ
2002 Alcan 5000
August 14-22, "To Yellowknife again!"
The 2002 Alcan visited Yellowknife for the first time since 1987.  2002 included an optional Inside Passage ferry cruise from Prince Rupert to Skagway, and a new motorcycle class.  Overnight stops included Quesnel, Hyder, Skagway, Fort Nelson, Yellowknife (2 nights), Grand Prairie, and the finish in Jasper, Alberta.  (See route map)
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2000 Alcan Winter Rally
February 11-19, "Prudhoe Bay or bust"
This 14th Alcan Rally started near Seattle and finished in Anchorage.  Overnight stops included Quesnel, Whitehorse, and Prudhoe Bay
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How to Stay Alive on a Winter Rally, by John Fouse 
More from John Fouse, or Alcan poetry by Adrian Crane 
In memoriam
 Official results & awards Jim Elder's Alcan journal
Primitive Racing's story (Car #6) + More
Car 16's story & web site
Car 20's photo pages
4x44U coverage by Ray Leonard
Journey to another planet?

1998 Alcan 5000
Aug 29-Sept 6, "Celebrating the Klondike Centennial"
 The 1998 Alcan started near Seattle and finished in Jasper, Alberta. This event focused on the Klondike Gold Rush Centennial, Yukon, and related history. The route included an Inside Passage ferry to Skagway, then followed the Klondike Highway to Dawson City, and the Alaska Highway south to Dawson Creek before finishing in Jasper, Alberta.
Entry form and fees
98 Regulations
98 Alcan fact sheet
"Virtual Tour" of 98 route
Daily event reports including final scores & positions 
The Everett Herald (Mary Lowry) 
Jeep Sporting Destinations (Jim Elder)
Jeff Gowdy's web site: Car #5's updates and photos

1996 Alcan Winter Rally
Feb 23 - March 2, "Prudhoe Bay next time"
This was the 5th Alcan Winter Rally, and 12th Alcan event. The route inlcuded Seattle, Dawson Creek, Whitehorse, Dawson City, Fairbanks, and Anchorage.
Click here for 1996 info & archives.

Past winners
Paul Westwick / Yulia Smolyansky Subaru Forester XT
Gary Webb / Pete Schneider
Steve Alley
Subaru Impreza
KTM 990 Adventure
Gary Webb / Marc Goldfarb Mini Cooper Clubman
Glenn Wallace / R Dale Kraushaar / Jenne Pierce
Jeff Brisendine
Subaru Forester XT
KTM 950 Adventure
Gary Webb / Greg Hightower / Russ Kraushaar Subaru Impreza RS
Revere Jones / Brian Deno / Tom Gould
Jim Robertson
Subaru Outback Wgn
BMW F650 GS Dakar
Ronald Ahrens / Gary Webb / Pete Schneider (winter)
Gary Orr (summer)
BMW F650 GS Dakar
Gary Webb / Richard Mooers / John Kisela
Craig Johnson / Don Beck
Subaru Outback Wgn
R. Dale Kraushaar/ Larry Richardso / Paul Eklund Subaru Impreza RS
Walt Kammer / Jackie Adams BMW 325ix
Paul Dallenbach / Johnny Unser/ Tom Grimshaw Isuzu Rodeo
Paul Dallenbach/ Johnny Unser/ Tom Grimshaw  Isuzu Rodeo
Russ Kraushaar / Satch Carlson BMW 2002ti
Ken Knight / Greg Lester Subaru Legacy Wagon
Ken Knight / Bob Dart  Subaru SVX
Gene Henderson / Ralph Beckman Subaru Legacy Wagon
Tim Paterson/ Penny Thomas  Porsche 911
Ken Maytag / Glen Bjorkman / Steve Richards Audi 5000 Quattro
Ken Maytag / Glen Bjorkman / Steve Richards Audi 5000 Quattro
Gene Henderson / Mike VanLoo Subaru RX 4x4
John Buffum / Tom Grimshaw / Paul Choiniere Audi 5000 Quattro
Tim Paterson / Douglas Paterson  Mazda RX7 is hosted by

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